November - 2019 Senior Annual Day

“Senior Annual Day-EARTHSCAPE

On 23rd November 2019, Freedom International School hosted its much-awaited vibrant annual day - ‘Earthscape’.

The topic was presented in the form of a dance-drama, a very creative and unique approach towards expressing the theme. The theme revolved around the evolution of humans and how their actions have affected the beauty and health of this planet. Over 20 dances had been choreographed and every movement portrayed the talent of the students as well as the mentors who had trained them. Ms. Akhila, who directed the entire event, ensured it was nothing short of perfect.

The show began with the very beginning of the world- The Big Bang Theory and from there, it took everyone along a mystical and beautiful journey, describing various events such as the Origin of Life, the era of Dinosaurs, the very first hunters and gatherers, the Industrial Revolution, the Digital Revolution, and the nullifying effects on the earth caused by us, humans. The parents marvelled at the innovation and the amount of effort put in by their children to make this special day a huge success. The event finished strong with a riveting performance which drew unceasing applause.

Even though the Annual Day this year had been a dance drama, music was invariably included, along with art, in a most magnificently intelligent manner. Students created art installations with their ingenious ideas that portrayed the negative effects of certain human activities on the environment around us. Earl, a larger-than-life sized turtle was made to highlight the effects of light pollution. Turtles rely on moonlight to find their way back home, but due to industrialization and the interference of city lights, many turtles have become homeless. So our poor Earl was stuck in FIS hoping to be taken back home.

The other installations highlighted the ill effects of plastic and how it will mar the world if we do not stop its usage right away! The installations drove home the point that conservation of the environment IS the need of the hour!

We can’t wait to see what is in store for us the next year!

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