August -2019 Debate Competition


FIS hosts the Inter-House Debate Competition on 27 th August, 2019.

The students of classes VII- X gathered to witness an intense debate on issues that concerned not only the youth but our country at large.

The students of classes VII and VIII from the four houses contended for and against the motion, “Are exams the only way to assess a student’s learning?” The participants brought to light various opinions on the benefits of formal exams as well as the alternatives such as observation, project work, activities, etc.

An intense parliamentary debate was held by the students of classes IX and X on the topics, “Do gadgets make people lonely?” and “Community service should be done once a year.” The panel comprised the prime minister, the deputy prime minister, the whip and the deputy whip along with the opposition leader, the deputy opposition leader, the whip and the deputy whip from the oppugnant team. Both the teams sparked a vigorous debate on the pros and cons of gadget usage, social media and the internet. With regard to community service, the speakers remarked on morality, sensitivity and time constraint. These debated issues brought in thought provoking questions for the audience and stirred their minds to ponder upon the issues that were relatable as students and citizens of a global world.

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