November - 2019 : Children’s Day

Children’s Day at FIS!

Childhood is all about having fun and enjoying life. We at FIS celebrated Children’s Day with great pomp and show. Children look forward to this day as they can awaken the style gurus inside them and dress in vibrant colours to school! They were full of verve and enthusiasm. We had teachers from different departments performing for the children.

Our children's excitement and glee were a sight to watch! The programme for the day was chalked out well in advance and a number of interesting shows were put up to entertain them. The teachers sang and danced to various peppy number encouraged by the cheers and laughter of the students ! After the fun-filled programme, everyone headed back to their respective classes where they had their class parties! Delicious aromas filled the air and the children grooved to the music they played in class!

Overall, our children had a fantastic day and so did we!

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