August -2019 Grandparents Day


Nursery Celebrates Grandparents’ Day on 21 st & 22 nd August, 2019.

It is always an immense gratification to watch the enthusiasm of the Grandparents every year as the event unfolds in our school. This year too was no different as Grandparents Day turned out to be an occasion of joyous celebration, one that rekindled quite the subdued spirit in them. They were such a sport and we could almost see the child in them coming alive as they participated with great zeal. They were such doting guardians as they entertained their little ones with stories and songs, not to forget, the way they grooved to the music following the lead by the tiny tots.

We were amazed at their competitiveness in the fun games watching them trying hard to corner their opponents with impromptu strategies. The ladies belted out a series of sweet melodies displaying their charming best. It was a trip down memory lane for them when they had to guess the long forgotten tunes of the popular advertisements which once ruled the idiot box. The event managed to evoke mixed emotions for our tiny tots and the grandparents with a tinge of nostalgia which we hope will be cherished forever.

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