January - 2020 Heritage Day


Heritage Day Celebrations on 30th January, 2020.

FIS resonated with cheerful and festive songs native to our Indian soil. RITU SAMAROH was the theme for this Heritage Day wherein the joy of the seasons in sync with the Hindu or Saka Calendar was the highlight of the programme. A display of the various seasons in the form of dances, made us proud to be Indians. Be it the vibrant Vasant Panchami dance of the students in mustard hues or the brisk and rapid Bihu dance, the rhythmic tap of the Tippani dancers of Gujarat or the graceful classical Odissi, all of it left the audience awestruck.

The children of Grades III, IV and V showcased the celebrations of the kite festival, Pongal and Dussehra while the seniors grooved to the energetic Bhangra numbers and performed a fusion dance.

Teachers dressed in their traditional attire, stunned everyone as they walked the ramp during the fashion show, the final segment of the celebration. On that colourful and graceful note, we came to the end of the day's celebrations.

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