August-2019 Independence Day


FIS celebrated our nation’s 73rd Independence Day with fervour, exhibiting the flavours of India in the form of dance, drama and song. The band procession, hoisting of the national flag, the singing of the National Anthem and the National Song in unison, filled everyone with pride and honour. The teachers adorned in the tricolour, added to the patriotic ambience. A country, despite its diverse cultural heritage, stood for freedom with a purpose was displayed through a classical dance.Our children brought to light various issues that the youth of today face which included peer pressure, effects of social media, the impact of gadgets and substance abuse through their theatrical performances followed by a bewitching contemporary dance performance by the seniors expressing life as a journey-adventurous, unpredictable, momentous! A spectacular manifestation of the myriad pathways undertaken by the mind and soul portraying ultimate freedom.

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