• Choral Recitation and Debate Competition:

  •   - The Inter House Choral Recitation Competition was held on 21st August 2018. This Inter House competition took place in two categories : Classes 1 & 2 and Classes 3 & 4. The poems were recited smartly and rhythmically supported by colourful props and costumes.

     - The Inter House Debate Competition took place on 28th August 2018 and 30th August 2018.Some of the topics included, "The more the degrees, the better are the chances for success," "Do Indians have a sense of social responsibility?" and "Should education in the future be knowledge based or skill based?". The children had valid and insightful points which were debated on with great gusto.

     - The debate for Classes 9 & 10 was conducted in the Parliamentary style. The Government and the Opposition put forth their points confidently in front of the Speaker.

  • Teacher’s Day:

  •  - Our children with the able support of the School Cabinet members put up a commendable show for teachers on 5th September 2018, during the Teacher’s Day Celebrations. One of the activities included having a ramp walk for all the teachers which concluded with the teachers swaying to the latest beats on stage. Both the teachers and children enjoyed the day thoroughly!

  • Grandparents’ Day:

  •  - The NURSERY children of our school celebrated Grandparents’ Day on the 6th and 7th September, 2018.

     - The children welcomed them by singing a few rhymes and songs in different languages. The grandparents were in awe seeing the children take part enthusiastically in the activities more or less independently. With great delight they played as well as taught the children the Indigenous games such as Pagade, 5 Stones, Chauka Bara and Aliguli Mane which were specially arranged for them. It was a heart-warming experience to watch the grandparents mingle with all the children and go back home with broad smiles.

  • Qwiz:

  •  - Our teachers have done us proud!!!!

     - Ms. Sayani and Mr. Shankar were the finalists in the Teacher’s event ‘Qwiz 2018’ held at National Hill View Public School which had over 170 teams competing!


  • Independence Day was celebrated with great fervour.
  • Children showcased the fact that we need to act responsibly by consciously working towards freeing our environment from the plastic that is choking our system.
  • The Western Dance group depicted this theme through an insightful contemporary dance performance.
  • The Indian Dance children showcased the brilliance of the sun in all its grace and simplicity in a scintillating manner.
  • The music groups rendered their songs with a gusto which evoked a feeling of patriotism in one and all.
  • The theme of the Inter House Skit Competition this year was ‘Revolution’. The Houses put up a good show by bringing out the extreme struggle that the common people experienced to free themselves from insensitive governance in France, Russia, The USA and South Africa.


  • The PA1 was conducted from 9th to16th July.
  • Auditions for the ‘FIS has Talent’ Competition were conducted throughout the month of July. The grand Finale was held on 27th July. The winner from the Senior Section was PRARTHANA PRAMOD (6D) for her mesmerising, solo semi-classical dance performance. The team of SUDIKSHA NIRANJAN (3D), PRATYUSHA HEGDE(3C) and AADYA SANDEEP(3C) attired in funky costumes held the judges and the audience spellbound with their group dance and bagged the first place in the Junior category.


  • The new academic year began on 1st June, 2018.
  • On 5th June, World Environment Day was celebrated with a special assembly. The children proudly presented a very comprehensive programme about the banning of plastic especially considering that India is the host country this year.
  • On 21st June, International Yoga Day was celebrated. All our children performed asanas with soft, calming instrumental music playing in the background under the able guidance of the Yoga teacher, on the Sports Ground.