November -2019 Kannada Rajyotsava


Kannada Rajyotsava Celebrations, 2019

In bright contrasting colours of yellow and red, FIS wore a festive look, while celebrating the very birth of its state, Kannada Rajya! The unfurling of the flag and the melodious voices singing the Nada Geete resonated with the spirit of the Rajyotsava.

The event started off with a flag hoisting, followed by a parade comprising personalities, old and new from the state, the tiger dance, karga, Yakshagana dancers, students carrying the Pooja Kunita and Nanda Kunita. Dynamic performances by the students to popular retro numbers of the 70s and 80s made everyone feel nostalgic. Spoofs on the English language enacted by the students along with their graceful choreography on village life and the grande finale filled everyone with pride in our home state and a true sense of belonging.

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