school life

  • clubs

    Head Prefect- Ramya A

    Clubs provide an opportunity for adaptation to life in the group, forming good life-long habits and cultivating a practical temperament. The focus of the clubs is mainly on entrepreneurship, building confidence, out-of-the-box thinking, exploring interests, making friendships that will last a lifetime and developing an awareness of the society that we live in.

    FIS offers the following range of clubs for their students from Classes V to X:

    • Chess Club:
      Children practice playing the game with the assistance of the teachers. They are taught to make appropriate moves and the advantage and disadvantage of each move. They are trained to face tournaments with confidence.
    • Entrepreneurship Club:
      The children are exposed to the business world. They do ventures in marketing in the school premises. They are introduced to several entrepreneurship skills and tactics.
    • Gardening Club:
      Generally children living in urban cities have no idea about whether a vegetable, fruit, cereal, pulse or greens is grown in trees, plants, climbers or creepers. The gardening club is focused on giving a complete feel of agriculture by making them plant saplings or sow seeds, take care of them by watering them, putting compost and manure and so on. children get immense pleasure when they carry home vegetables flowers and fruits that they have grown themselves! this club has been encouraging a lot of children to get involved and is been successfully running since the last two years.
    • Health and Aerobics Club:
      The club was started to make children aware of health, wellness & its facts. Physical activities like Zumba, aerobics, yoga, etc. are conducted every week. The club aims in providing necessary information about hygienic habits, healthy food and adequate physical activities which help in improving the quality of life.
    • Interact Club:
      The Interact Club's vision is to develop leadership skills and personal integrity by instilling the values of selfless service and individual responsibility among the students. It promotes the supreme ideal that, ' Service to humanity is service to God'.
    • Table Tennis:
      Children are briefed about all the rules, moves and tactics to play the game. The game styles of many international players are discussed and also shown as videos to the children. They are divided into teams and are made to play match so that they understand the rules ell.
    • Tech Hub:
      Children turn on their technical skills and learn to work with latest multimedia softwares. They try their hands on basic coding and web page designing. They are exposed to several tech talks on latest trends in technology.
    • Thinking Skills and Enrichment Club:
      This club helps in honing the analytical skills and logical reasoning of children and improving their problem solving abilities.
    • Wordsmith Club:
      We encourage students to improve vocabulary through interesting activities in the wordsmith club. Students are playing and unknowingly improving their vocabulary in a play way method. All the literary minds get together and exchange creative thoughts while the main objective is to improve the vocabulary. They enjoy a lot as they play with words.
    • Mun Club:
      MODEL UNITED NATIONS or MUN is an academic simulation of the proceedings of the United Nations for students. As a part of this, students will step into the shoes of diplomats and representatives from across the world to debate and discuss various issues and policies to tackle real-world problems. FIS has an active MUN club and our delegates have won awards across MUNs both in and out of Bangalore. We annually host an intra-school MUN to train our students.
  • school cabinet

    A formal election is conducted from class IV onwards based on the electoral process in India as FIS follows the principle - for the children, of the children, by the children.

    The cabinet members for the academic year 2019-2020 are as follows:

    Head Prefect- ADITI YOGESH

    Deputy Head Prefect- KARAN KINI


    Captain- SAANVI N BALA

    Vice Captain- NEHA KUNNATH

    Canary House


    Vice Captain- ATHULYA SAKTHI M.

    Flamingo House

    Captain- NANGAI .N.

    Vice Captain-DEVANSH MATHUR

    Pelican House


    Vice Captain- DIYA SRIVASTAVA

    Toucan House


    Vice Captain- VAISHNAVI A REDDY

  • sports activities

    Physical Education is an important part of our co-scholastic activities. Sports fosters team spirit, sportsmanship and over all physical development. The school encourages children to develop their fitness levels through exercises, aerobics and games. Healthy eating habits are also encouraged from the Nursery upwards. Moreover, track and field events are conducted throughout the year along with march past and basic gymnastics.

    In today's world of technology with the internet, television and video games serving as a stiff competition for the outdoors, it is more important than ever to ensure that our kids get enough exercise, understand the importance of playing outdoors and learning the rules of fair play.

    The Spirit of good Sportsmanship is learnt on the playing fields at school. Sports teaches us about teamwork and to work together to achieve a common goal. It's also about trust and responsibility and about dealing with success and failure. We learn about coping with pressure and the need to stick with training in order to improve. Research carried out both in the West and East support that teens who are involved in extracurricular activities actually do better than their non-involved peers in a number of areas.

    At FIS, we do have an exclusive collection of sporting events that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking. We have long jump, high jump, discus throw, javelin throw and the shot putt. In addition to these, we have basketball, football, throw ball, cricket, badminton, table tennis, chess and carrom.

  • visual arts

    "Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun." ~ Mary Lou Cook

    Our Creative Lab is a space designed for our children to explore their artistic talents and develop their own intrinsic style. Splashing a canvas with colours while listening to music, their self-esteem is strengthened and so is their character. They learn the different techniques of art- both Indian and Western- and to appreciate great painters and sculptors. An Art Exhibition is held every year to showcase their budding talent and to encourage them to fulfil their potential.

    Skills, Attitudes, and Concepts Developed in the Creative Lab:

    • Enjoyment of the creative process
    • Experience with several arts and crafts media
    • Expression of feelings or ideas using a variety of art media
    • Observance of movement, texture, colour, or line composition
    • Development of visual perceptual skills
    • Development of positive self-concept
    • Observance of a story or mood represented in pictures
    • Learning to respect different ideas and different ways of working
    • Learning to handle art media tools appropriately
  • performing arts


    Every promising talent needs a guru and at Freedom International, Carnatic music is taught in a systematic manner by a competent teacher, adhering to the rules of classical music.

    The basics of Carnatic music are based on a swara system. To start learning carnatic music, the student is trained with voice training sessions called varishas, followed bygeethams, varnams and keerthanas. Varishas are swara patterns that train a student to handle a particular raga to equip him to learn carnatic music. It also initiates the students to the concept of tala or rhythm. Carnatic music is sung at different speed levels in order to increase the strength and control of the voice.In addition to learning vocal music, the children begin to appreciate great carnatic music and well known singers of this genre.

    Every year 'ThyagarajaAradhane' is celebrated in school, in which both teachers and students participate with great enthusiasm.


    Western music too has its place in the curriculum at Freedom International School. This enables the students to learn music from an international perspective. Apart from English classical music and popular songs, the syllabus includes songs of various European screen plays, which enables the students to broaden their scope and understanding of western music.

    Students will learn to –

    • Sing independently, on pitch and in rhythm, with appropriate timbre, diction, and posture.
    • Sing expressively, with appropriate dynamics, phrasing, and interpretation.
    • Sing from memory a varied repertoire of songs representing genres and styles from diverse cultures.
    • Sing in groups, blending vocal timbres, matching dynamic levels, and responding to the cues of a conductor.
    • Sing accurately and with good breath control throughout their singing ranges, alone and in small and large ensembles.
    • Sing music representing diverse genres and cultures.
    • Sing music written in two and three parts (HARMONY).


    Dancing in all its forms cannot be excluded from the curriculum of all noble education; dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words, and, need I add that one must also be able to dance with the pen? ~Friedrich Nietzsche

    Thus at Freedom our children dance away at every opportunity. The children are exposed to classical music and dance and so discover their traditional roots and rich history.

    Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form, is taught from Class I onwards. This popular dance form is a combination of melody, expressions, and rhythm. The three main elements of Bharatanatyam are Nritya, Nritta, and Natya. Nritya emphasizes body movements and various dance postures. Nritta highlights rhythm and body movements. Natya gives significance to poem and drama. When performed with absolute concentration, this dance form is as beneficial as yoga. The numerous health benefits of bharatanatyam include helping to improve body balance, flexibility, concentration, endurance and discipline. Every year, our children showcase their talent in dance through the School Day function, Inter House competitions and Inter School competitions as well as performances during the celebration of various festivals.


    Western dance too has its place in the curriculum at Freedom International School. Our children are trained various dance styles namely Contemporary, Hip - hop, Gymnastics, Freestyle, Salsa Indo - Jazz, Folk, Bollywood and Creative Movement. We aim at giving quality movement education to children, making sure they keep fit, learn the moves and have a whole lot of fun during each lesson.

  • yoga

    "Yoga is invigoration in relaxation. Freedom in routine. Confidence through self control. Energy within and energy without. " -YmberDelecto.

    Yoga is a form of exercise, meditation, and breathing practices with Indian roots designed to bring unity to the mind, body, and spirit. Children experience many of the same physical benefits adults do from practicing yoga. Yoga strengthens them and helps them become more flexible and coordinated.

    At Freedom International, we have a specific programme for yoga that helps children to develop their powers of concentration, to learn ways to relax and get control of stress in their lives. Besides, yoga for kids teaches self-discipline. As part of the practice of yoga, kids need to slow down, hold certain postures, breathe or think in acertain way. It also enhances imagination and empathy.

    Children are asked to strike poses from nature. They might assume the pose of a snake, or a tree, or a dog. Then they are asked to imagine what it would be like to be those life forms. In this way, children learn early on to connect with all the life on the planet and realize that similarities far outweigh differences.

  • cmca

    Children are powerful agents of change. It was on this premise that the Children's Movement for Civic Awareness began. This project enables children to understand their surroundings in a systematic and focused manner. They become aware of the problems in and around their institution and community and also understand that solutions can be found when the right authorities are approached at the right time.

  • nie

    To inculcate the reading habit in children and improve their general knowledge Newspaper in Education was introduced in FIS. Students are abreast with current affairs and contribute articles for the newspaper.

  • Field Trips and over Nighters

    In the month of December, children from the middle and senior sections pack their bags and are ready to take off for a few days along with their friends. They experience a sense of adventure, as they have a gala time "out" with friends. They also learn responsibility, cooperation, tolerance and become independent and self sufficient.

  • Events and Celebrations

    FIS conducts various events catering to various talents and abilities, throughout the year. The events are so calendarised that we have several events every month. The events range from competitions like the Spell Bee and Quiz, to competitions like Outlive and Ace Solutions which test the children's knowledge and aptitude and higher order thinking skills. Public Speaking skills are demonstrated through Debate, JAM and Weave A Story. Their Creativity is brought out through Photo Op, Movie Making, Creative Commentary, Poster Making and Cartooning. Rhythmic rendition and coordination is tested through Choral Recitations and Choir Singing and Team building through Minute to Win it, Skit and Mad Ads. Their culinary skills are tested through Cooking without Fire and we add colour with our Flower Rangoli Competitions. We showcase the latest fad of being a radio artist through our Radio Fridays.

    We truly have a very EVENT FULL year.Every year!


    To keep the social thread alive and intact in the children, most festivals, both national and religious are celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm. We believe that there are many things that cannot be taught, except by experience.Hence celebrations are an integral part of school life and cultural diversity is one of the most celebrated aspects at FIS.

  • Competitions

    FIS makes excellent arrangements for children's participation in external competitions.We train,inspire and encourage them to give their best and win laurels for themselves and their alma mater. These competitions not only give the students the platform to showcase their talents,but also help them to absorb and assimilate various aspects from their peers coming from varied institutions.


    To keep the social thread alive and intact in the children, most festivals, both national and religious are celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm. We believe that there are many things that cannot be taught, except by experience.Hence celebrations are an integral part of school life and cultural diversity is one of the most celebrated aspects at FIS.

  • Medical Check-ups

    A general health, eye and dental check up of all the students in the school are conducted every year in the school premises by a specialised doctor.

  • house

    Wings gives flight to freedom of thought and expression, therefore we have the four Houses named after birds. Canary represents the yellow House, Flamingo the red House, Pelican the blue House and Toucan the green House.

  • Radio Wednesday

    The school is reverberating with music. Yes it's the lunch break at FIS on a Wednesday. Each house is given a turn to exhibit their radio jockey skills.