September - 2019 Onam Celebration


The students and staff of FIS were welcomed by a traditional flower carpet-pookalam on Monday to mark the celebration of Onam.

The beauty of the festival lies in its secular fabric. People of all religions, castes and communities celebrate the festival with equal joy and verve. The celebrations were in full swing, and it was as if Kerala had come to FIS with all the teachers clad in traditional Kerala sarees.

Amidst cheers of happiness and excitement, children witnessed a fantastic programme that began with the Mohiniyattam dance followed by the ‘Thiruvathirakalli’ gracefully performed by our teachers. The beautiful rendition of the song ‘Maaveli Naadu Kaalam’ highlighting the prosperous reign of King Mahabali filled students with cheer and verve. The show was wrapped up with the song ‘Kuttanadan Punjiyale’ generally sung to encourage the boatmen to row faster during races. The celebration of Onam created an atmosphere of peace and brotherhood amongst our children!

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