December - 2019 Teacher Tours


Team Building Programme for Teachers- 14th-18th December, 2019

FIS, as our teachers would agree, is not just a workplace but a second home. The management ignited a spark within all the teachers with its first ever international trip to Malaysia.

We set off to this orient land as one family, to strengthen our ties further. The giggles en route, the silly games, the exploration of the country, the little adjustments to be made while sharing the room with a colleague, probably a stranger to us, made this trip a worthwhile experience!

It was a crazy four day tour which not only filled our treasure chest with memories but also cemented strong friendships when we returned.


The FIS faculty recently got to unwind in the lap of luxury in a land known for its spices, beaches and exquisite tea- SriLanka!! The trip was aimed at creating an environment for strengthening, unifying and rejuvenating Team FIS!

Sri Lanka held its promise of being a beautiful and relaxing escape for our very hardworking teachers. FIS always creates interesting opportunities for employees to boost team cohesion and productivity.Basking in the morning sun, feeling the sand beneath our feet and the wind in our hair, served to be truly rejuvenating and refreshing for all of us! And here we are, ready to bring out the best in our children once again!

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