June -2019 Yoga Day

Yoga Day

Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self and to the self. That’s exactly what we had aimed for on International Yoga Day at FIS. Our sports ground saw parents, students as well as teachers throng in at 7 am with their yoga mats to begin their day with a perfect Suryanamaskar. Surprisingly, the participating yogis managed a full 21 Suryanamaskars without an inkling that they would successfully complete the same. What a brilliant start to the day!
Later in the day the students meditated and performed the various asanas with ease as they experienced the benefits of the simple everyday asanas that were demonstrated. Interestingly, a theatrical group from HAL performed a spectacular street play on the conservation of water bringing out the issue beautifully for even the non- Kannada speaking audience. The students enjoyed every bit of the humour and the message.

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