At Freedom International School (FIS), our classrooms are lively, the lessons interactive, sometimes interrupted by another teacher who has discovered an unusual insect or plant in the garden and has come to share her discovery with the class. Children arrive at conclusions on their own through observation and hands on activities. We nurture and value our children as individuals from day one.

A typical school day includes learning concepts, asking questions, thinking critically, making informed decisions, taking responsibility, working together, meeting deadlines, being creative, researching, kicking a ball, practising a song or dance and having a lot of fun in the process!

Nurtured and valued as an individual from day one, each child learns to be resilient, self-reliant, confident and innovative. They gain both experience and exposure as they learn to combine the best of our culture and values with one firm step in the world of tomorrow.


We believe that each child must be given every opportunity to learn and grow. Our aim, therefore, is to educate the whole person for it is character above all else that ensures success and happiness in life.

Additional Skill Programmes

Skills are deeply valuable to students throughout their life. They teach our children to be resourceful and solve problems They help children to discover their core strengths, motivate them to explore their talents


With beautiful learning spaces and small class sizes, our FIS campus offers an exceptional education for our young learners. A true all-round education can never be confined to the four walls of a classroom. Our students have many opportunities to learn in different environments.

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